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VIDEO: Samuel L. Jackson On Why John Shaft Is The Original Black Superhero

What is a superhero? Well, that depends on who you're asking. What is a superhero? Well, that depends on who you're asking. When it comes to...

If Samuel L. Jackson Doesn’t Wear A Wig, Did He Actually Make A Movie?

Sam Jackson is one of the most bankable actors in the history of Hollywood and his crazy-ass wig choices have had a lot to...

Happy 70th Birthday Samuel L. Jackson, One Bad Mutha

Samuel Jackson is one Bad Mutha, but it wasn't always that way. Here we wish the actor a Happy Birthday and celebrate his life...

Tarzan Swings Back To The Big Screen with Alexander Skarsgård, Samuel L. Jackson, & Djimon...


Production on Warner Brothers Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures, Tarzan reboot has gotten underway. The film which stars True Blood's Alexander Skarsgård, Samuel L. Jackson, Djimon Hounsou, John Hurt, Margot Robbie and Chris

Samuel L. Jackson Goes Off on Reporter, “We don’t all look alike!”


Samuel L. Jackson has starred in countless films making him one of the most easily recognizable actors in Hollywood. However, to one clueless entertainment news reporter, black actors all seem to be int

Samuel L. Jackson Picked Up for Cell


The film adaptation of Stephen King’s 2006 apocalyptic thriller novel Cell has just added Samuel L. Jackson to its roster. Playing opposite of John Cusack,

Great Moments In Colored Cinema: Samuel L. Jackson Tells The Truth


Whether you agree or disagree, it’s been duly noted that the relationship between a father and daughter can sometimes take precedent over that of a father and son. Why? Mainly because a little girl’s perception of men is going to be h

Rest In Power: Jackson Family Patriarch Joe Jackson


Joe Walter Jackson, the patriarch of the Jackson family musical dynasty the spanned five decades, has passed at the age of 89.  The lore of him honing the talents of his progeny into becoming musical prodigy is as intimate to the African-Ameri

Phil Jackson Starts Cleaning House and Dumping Old Baggage 


While the fate of Carmelo Anthony rests in the free agent balance and all sorts of fantasies and possible scenarios buzz by our collective heads like bullets from a South Central drive-by in ’86, Phil Jackson and

The Misconception of Curtis Jackson


Flashback 2003

I never wanted to be around 50 Cent. Never wanted to be anywhere in the vicinity of someone so hated and utterly loathed that hits were out