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Run DMC: Jam Master Jay’s Murderers Finally Indicted 18 Years Later

Who killed Biggie? Who killed Tupac? Who killed Jam Master Jay? These callous murders changed the course of music history and have haunted Hip-Hop historians...

The Mavs Get Their RUN DMC On


We're posting this video just to give you a little friday night, Halloween night, entertainment. Enjoy!


Already iconic before he took his first dip into

RUN-TMC: The Legendary Trio That Was Taken From Us Too Soon


The big three.  When you hear the phrase, what comes to mind?  The Miami Heat.  The San Antonio Spurs.  You may even go old school and think back to Showtime or the front court of the Boston Celtics during the Larry B

Adidas Rises To No. 2 Selling Sneaker On The Market


 Adidas havent been popping in the hood since Run DMC was still rocking the microphone 30 years ago, but even at its pinnacle the German based athletic footwear company could never keep up with the popularity of Nike or Michael Jordans signatu

Part I of The New Edition Story Was A Must See


Im probably one of the few guys not holding back on his enthusiasm for BET's New Edition movie. I was hooked ever since my Aunt Corlyss took me to the Beacon Theatre in the '80s to see a show featuring Tone Loc, New Edition, Run DMC and Shannon. &n

Em Looks to Catch Lightning in a Bottle With MMLP2


Despite the pioneering cadence of Rakim, the historical precedence of Run DMC and the fact that Wu-Tang Clan is indeed forever, if historians were to open a musical time capsule in the year 2100, chances are the first rap CD they come across will b

SL Black Music Month: Capone-N-Noreaga


Of New York Citys five boroughs, Queens has produced Hip Hop flavors that rival the bottled confection syrup selection of a shaved ice cart rolling through the park in the summer.


Jay-Z Gets Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Nod

Rapper, philanthropist, corporate tastemaker  and all around legendary music artist Jay-Z from Marcy Projects in BK will be enshrined and forever immortalized as one of...

Give The Mother-Land Some! Def Jam Has Been Launched In Africa

The iconic hip hop record label, Def Jam is opening up shop in Africa. The label is taking its talents to Johannesburg and Lagos,...