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Reuben Foster’s Scorned Ex-GF Admits To Revenge Plot To Ruin Career


Reuben Foster is one step closer to resuming his NFL career after being unofficiall

Tone Deaf NFL Was Slow On The Draw With Redskins Foster Signing

The Redskins franchise once again proves that there is no social or moral compass in big business.  Former 49ers linebacker Reuben Foster was claimed off...

Failed Baylor Head Coach Art Briles’ Career Is A Case Study In Toxic Football...

Briles has a job, but Colin Kaepernick doesn’t. If we ever needed an example of a story that encapsulates how bad of a shape we’re...

Chad Kelly Signing’s The Latest Example Of NFL’s Racist Double Standard

A history of criminal infractions and bizarre behavior didn't stop the Colts from signing Jim Kelly's nephew. The NFL has been aggressive in pursuing and...

The Grind, Chasing The NFL Dream: Lester Cotton

The former Alabama offensive lineman and 2x national champion speaks about his life and NFL dreams. The 2019 NFL Draft will soon be upon us....

The NFL Remains Tone Deaf In Prioritizing Wins Over Domestic Violence

Washington fumbled its press conference on Reuben Foster, reinforcing the perception that the NFL doesn't give a damn about women. The NFL now finds itself in...

Jay Gruden Offers Same Excuses On Kaepernick

Gruden is forced to address one specific question that has lingered for almost two years. The Washington Redskins were riding high over the first half...

The NFL Needs To Get At The Root Of Its Domestic Violence Problem

The NFL has a domestic violence problem that may stem from its CTE situation. Kareem Hunt has been in the news for all of the...

The NFL Will Defend Anything But The Truth When It Comes To Kaepernick

The NFL can't shake its reputation as being enablers of domestic violence as Colin Kaepernick's career withers away.   The sun rises, and the sun sets,...