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Pacman Jones Just Can’t Get Right

Pacman Jones has been in the NFL for 14 years and he's still getting in trouble and doing dumb stuff. When is enough, enough? A...

Pacman Jones Is Updating His Mugshot


Pacman Jones has managed to keep his nose clean for the last few seasons, however, on Monday afternoon, Jones finally found a reason to update his mugshot when he turned himself into Cincinnati police for slapping a woman in a downtown bar.

Former NFL Player Adam “Pacman” Jones Sentenced To 30 Days In Jail For Bar...

Adam “Pac Man” Jones is no stranger to trouble as his football career as a whole was marred with off-the-field issues. His latest situation...

Adam “Pacman” Jones steps up and apologies to Antonio Brown


Bengals cornerback, Adam "Pacman" Jones, showed what it means to be a grown ass man yesterday.

After contributing to the team's meltdown in their loss to the Steelers last weekend, Pacman accused Steelers All-Pro wideout, Antonio Brown, of fa

Adam “Pacman” Jones fined $35k for Cooper Slam


The NFL has fined Adam Jones $35k for slamming Oakland Raiders' WR Amari Coopers head against his helmet.  Many fans were astonished that this personal foul did not result in an immediate ejection, despite the fact that the penalty was committ

Who’s The Bigger Thug: Adam Jones or The NFL?


The more people criticize Adam Jones, the artist formerly known as Pacman, the more I struggle to understand why he is singled out. True, Jones has a

NFL Bust JaMarcus Russell Had A Hilarious Rookie Moment


Twitter has been buzzing about a throwback story concerning former Raiders No. 1 pick JaMarcus Russells ro

For the Patriots, Head Hunting is OK?


During  the AFC Divisional playoff game between the Patriots and Chiefs on Saturday, one of the biggest and most controversial plays came on a punt return.

With nine minutes remaining in the second quarter, Danny Amendola went back to fi

Has the old “Hard Knocks” Curse Been Rejuvenated in Houston?


The Houston Texans fell to 1-4 after losing to an Andrew Luck-less Indianapolis Colts team in Wk 4. Many fans are predictably pointing the finger at their participation on HBO's Hard Knocks.

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