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NCAA Has College Ballers Risking Their Lives For School Pride During A Pandemic

Remember Hank Gathers? In 1989, I was a teenager from New Jersey enthralled with dreams of playing during March Madness at a major Division I...

As G League Steals More 5-Star Recruits, NCAA Says Athletes Can Get The Bag

Today is a watershed day in sports history. The NCAA conducted a conference call explaining how the committee they put together to deal with...

Nick Saban Is Still Thriving On Old, Exploitative NCAA Culture

Other than his legendary track record of success which can be directly attributed to the trailer load of phenomenal African-American players that have chosen...

NCAA Against California Bill To Compensate Student Athletes For Use Of Image, Likeness

Players should get paid for use of their name, likeness and image, but the NCAA is still fighting the inevitable. A bill asserting that...

Dabo Swinney Gets Paid While The NCAA Exploits Its Unpaid Labor Force

The Clemson football coach's mega-deal highlights NCAA exploitation of black student-athletes.  Clemson football head coach Dabo Swinney considers himself the embodiment of The American...

LeBron James’ HBO Documentary “Student Athlete” Exposes NCAA Hypocrisy


"Student Athlete", the HBO documentary that was Executive Produced by LeBron James and examines college sports and the N

Jalen Rose Suggests Players Boycott NCAA Tournament


College basketballs latest version of the historically common and ongoing pay-for-play and agent scandals, and the debates about NCAA exploitation and whether or not college athletes should be paid beyond scholarships, has created a whirlwind of em

Sonny Vaccaro calls NCAA “A Soulless, Mindless Operation”


Sonny Vaccaro is the Godfather of sneaker deals and often blamed as the person who stole the innocence of AAU basketball and turned it into a high stakes, profit making meat market for the exploitation of  inner-city kids. Vaccaro, pioneered t

The NCAA Flip Flop On HB2


In March 2016, the North Carolina state legislature passed the Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act, known by its shorthand, HB2.

This law is known as the Bathroom Law because, among other things, it discriminates against transge

HBCU Basketball: Has it Become An Increasingly Insignificant NCAA Footnote? 


No Blacks On This Blacktop 

The legacy of the historically black college or university as it pertains to the&