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Thoughts on Greg McDermott, Meyers Leonard and the Rush to Contextualize Racial “Slip Ups”

  As much as we might like an individual, there is always a possibility that their norms may inevitably clash with our own. There is...

Portland Trail Blazers’ Meyers Leonard Invests In Esports Faze Clan

Trail Blazers center Meyers Leonard joins the long list of athletes who've started investing into esports. The intersection of gaming and culture has always been...

Red Bull Racing Suspends F2 Driver Juri Vips For Using N-Word During Call Of...

21-year-old Estonian race car driver Juri Vips was suspended by Red Bull Racing after he used the N-word this week while playing "Call of...

2013 Draft Class Forecasts: Ballers or Busts?


The 2013 NBA Draft hit some epic highs for entertainment. Anthony Bennett came out of nowhere for the most stunning No. 1 pick in recent memory. Nerlens Noel slid out of the top 5. David Stern, in final draft before retiring, hit his “ch

Full Court Press: Duke’s Pimp Hand Stays Strong


For the renewal of its classic rivalry, North Carolina and Duke failed to deliver a classic, but there were plenty of quirks and panic-mode moments to pave the way for Blue Devil bragging rights and Tar Heel travel plans.

As is tradition

Duncan or Bust for Davis?


If you went to the hood, walked in a KFC and received absolutely wretched customer service, how would you react? You’d probably just be quietly annoyed, get your food and go on about your day, right? It wouldn’t matter if the teenage