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Jason R. Moore On Being A Black Man In The Marvel Cinematic Universe


Netflixs The Punisher series is bubbling under the surface and is closing in. Just as Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League prepare to pummel the box office, The Punisher is continuing upon a wave of comic book inspired offerings that began in earnest

Marvel Studios Is Shaking The Table With Phase 4 Plans

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any better after “Avengers: Endgame”, Marvel Studios hit fans with some more big news. Marvel Studios President, Kevin...

What Spidey’s Far From Home Trailer Could Mean For Marvel’s Black Heroes

We see you, Miles Morales. With the incredibly revealing spoilers that were littered throughout the ridiculously revealing Spider-Man: Far from Home trailer comes the first...

What’s Next For The Marvel Street Heroes Post Netflix Thanos Snap?

"Canceling Iron Fist? We get. But canceling Luke Cage was like a gut punch with brass knuckles to Black fans."   Netflix’s was very ambitious in...

Storm: The Most Misused Character Of All Marvel Movie Adaptations


X-Men fans have been infinitely disappointed in each cinematic rendition of one of the most powerful mutants in the Marvel Comics Universe: Storm.  With her high-level list of feats, one would have thought it would have been relatively easy to

A Quick Debriefing On The Immense Power Set Of Captain Marvel


Recently it was announced that Clark Gregg (Agents of Shield) and

Chadwick Boseman Will Play The Black Panther In Upcoming Marvel Movies


Fans of the comic book hero have been waiting and waiting, and now it's finally here....almost.

Today Marvel announced that Chadwick Boseman will be playing the wildly p

Marvel and DC Comic’s Content Warfare Heating Up on TV and in Film


The battle for cinematic supremacy in the comic book world has been in full swing since 2004, and recent announcements regarding both DC and Marvel comic book properties being prepped for the small screen and the silve

Marvel Celebrates 75 Years of Enlightening Entertainment


Founded as Timely Comics, 75 years ago in 1939, Marvel Comics survived during the Golden Age of comic books as a third fiddle to DC Co

Blade 20: The Fight Scenes That Proved Snipes Was Ahead Of His Time


The Marvel Cinematic Universe is the most expansive, connected phenomenon in American movie history, with billions in gate receipts to attest to its overwhelming s