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Mark Emmert Will Testify In O’Bannon Trial


Mark Emmert has been silent about the legal proceedings of the NCAA v. Ed O’Bannon’s class action lawsuit, but the NCAA President may not have the option to remain silent much longer.

According to sources familiar with Emmert

Mark Emmert Wants To Tighten His NCAA Power Circle


NCAA president Mark Emmert is trying to play it cool but he knows the governing body of college sports could use a new game plan. Recruiting violations have become the equivalent to rolling the stop sign or not using a blinker in traffic citations.

Any Given Saturday, Week 5: Is Mark Helfrich The Next Larry Coker or Barry...


One man’s beginning is another man’s ending. New Hampshire is where Bryan Cranston whisked away to spend the majority of his penultimate episode portraying AMC&rsquo

NCAA To Student-Athletes: You’ll Get Nothing And Like It


Mark Emmert spoke at Marquette University about many issues surrounding the NCAA, none bigger than the gigantic gap between the haves and have-nots in college football. Though Emmert has twice tried to add a stipend to pay players a minimal amount,

Roger Goodell Is Raising The NFL’s Standards Higher Than The NSA’s


Sometimes it appears Roger Goodell and NCAA prez Mark Emmert are in a back-and-forth marathon race to prove which organizational head can become the most universally disliked. A

“This Is The Modern-Day Version Of Slavery” | Daymond John Torches The NCAA For...

March Madness is in full swing, and through the upsets and the glories, one thing remains: the NCAA and its schools will reap the...

Big Ten Commissioner Kevin Warren Isn’t To Blame For Postponing Fall CFB Season

Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren, has only been on the job for less than eight months and he’s facing the biggest crisis in the...

Coronavirus: NCAA Bans Fans From Live March Madness Action

The Coronavirus continues to throw the sports world into unprecedented scenarios. On Tuesday, CBS and TNT suits were convinced that the NCAA would allow fans...

NCAA Against California Bill To Compensate Student Athletes For Use Of Image, Likeness

Players should get paid for use of their name, likeness and image, but the NCAA is still fighting the inevitable. A bill asserting that...

G-League’s New Rule Dooms Lavar Ball’s JBA League

The NBA jacked his idea and can assure that the checks won't bounce. The NBA's G-League has effectively ended the one-and-done in college and...