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Black Cop Sues Obama, Farrakhan, Sharpton and Hillary in Crazy Lawsuit


Ever so often we come across a story that seems too farcical to be taken seriously. One of those "Aliens land on White House lawn" type of tabloid headlines that used to draw the attention of the geriatric generation while in the five items or les

Chad Wheeler To Jenny Cudd: Indisputable Facts On White Privilege and Black Degradation

What is and has always been apparent is the privilege with which native-born Americans of European descent trudge through the world.

Dear MAGA: Stop It, Five

Over the weekend, the Trump faithful descended upon the District of Columbia for the Million MAGA March. The event was touted as a recount rally...

Jay Electronica Didn’t Need HOV On His Debut Album

Last week, the hip hop world was aflutter over Jay Electronica's debut solo album. Jay Elec debuted to the masses in 2008 shortly before linking...

Ice Cube’s Path To Moguldom Is A Story Of Determination, Self-mastery And Ownership

From vilified gangsta rapper to media mogul, Ice Cube has had an eventful 50 years on Earth. It's hard for some of us to believe,...

“The Chronic”: When Dr. Dre Put ‘Conscious’ Rap In The Coffin


On this 20th anniversary of the December 15th release of the Chronic, I’ll admit it: Before I even heard the entire game-changing, California-soaked, weed-induced 1992 Dr. Dre masterpiece, I was on full-blown hate.