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Tony Dungy Goes In On Josh McDaniels For Dissing Colts


Yesterday the Indianapolis Colts should have been welcoming Josh McDaniels to the team as their new head coach. Instead,

Josh McDaniels Tells The Colts ‘Hell To The Naw’, Stays With The Pats


The Indianapolis Colts announced today that they had hired Josh McDaniels to be their next head coach. 

The only problem is that they obviously didn't consult with the man who they thought would be leading them in the future. McDaniels h

Black QB Chronicles: Cam Newton Is Waiting For Your Apology Because He’s Still Elite

Russell Wilson threw for 288 yards and 5 TDs in the Seattle Seahawks 35-30 win over the New England Patriots, but that wasn't the...

Black QB Chronicles: 5 Reasons Why Cam Newton Leads Patriots To NFL Playoffs 

Belichick Is A Mastermind At Talent Evaluation & Placement Bill Belichick knows how to deal with talent. Cam Newton still has enough of...

White Owners Show NFL Where To Shove Rooney Rule

The effectiveness of the Rooney Rule has once again been called into question, as Black coaches have been overlooked, ignored and shut out of...

Jay-Z MUST Publicly Address The Lack of Black Head Coaches In NFL

"We’re celebrating the 100th anniversary of the NFL, yet we have only four head coaches of color" Rod Graves, who spent decades as an NFL...

Historically, Belichick’s Coaching Tree Has Been Suspect. Flores Could Change That.

Miami Dolphins' new HC tries to avoid becoming another highly-touted failure under Belichick's, but history's not on his side.   The inevitable occurred on Monday and...

Analyzing The Rooney Rule After Historic NFL Black Coaching Purge

The effectiveness of the Rooney Rule has once again been called into question after the NFL’s Black Coaching purge saw five African-American coaches fired...

Colts Got Jokes For Fans Who Got Jokes About Frank Reich Hiring


The Colts were in the news after the Super Bowl, but for the wrong reasons.

After the

Patriots Super Bowl Loss Signals The End Of A Dynasty


It was 2:21 left in the game with the Patriots trailing 38-33 in an all too familiar Super Bowl moment.