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John Wick 3: Halle Berry Broke A Few Bones While Training, But She’s Cool...

Halle Berry kicks much ass in John Wick 3 as Sophia. When director Chad Stahelski and Keanu Reeves started the first John Wick film five...

Halle Berry Joins All-Star Cast For John Wick 3


The John Wick franchise has been an unexpected success story for Keanu Reeves and Lionsgate. Thus far John Wick: Chapter 2 has made $92 million at the box office thus far.  As of late, the phenomenon of ensemble actions films have become the n

No Breaks: Losing Chadwick, Cliff and John While Feeling For Jacob Blake

Over the weekend, tens of thousands of Black folks swarmed into Washington, D.C. to commemorate the 57th Anniversary of the March on Washington for...

All Hail King T’Challa | Chadwick Boseman To Be Honored By Alma Mater Howard...

The MEAC/SWAC Challenge is scheduled for Aug. 27 in Atlanta. The game will feature the Howard Bison, who represent the (MEAC) and the Alabama...

Danita Johnson & Bianca Smith: The Latest Black Women To Blaze New Ground In...

The rise of BLACK women making history and acquiring leadership positions in sports was a huge theme in 2020 and continues as we bring...

Happy 44th Earth Day Chadwick Boseman, A Selfless Movie Star Gone Too Soon

In my lifetime I’ve been blessed to see many a great African American male actor perform some of the greatest roles in the history...

Jersey Ties: The Late Bushwick Bill’s Tri-State Connections Revisited

Remembering the contributions of Bushwick Bill to the culture. The Geto Boys were one of the very first groups out of the south to gain...
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Chadwick Boseman: From Black Panther To Black Samurai

Boseman's new movie is based on real history, unlike Tom Cruise's ridiculous Last Samurai. Chadwick Boseman is destined to play every black historical figure Hollywood can...

Tampa Bay Rays Are Bushwick Bill’ing MLB


In ‘08 the Tampa Bay Rays miraculously rose from MLB abyss to first-place in baseball’s deadliest division and made the playoffs for the first time in franchise history.

Their success inspired three, young St. Petersburg rappers

Kathleen McHugh Is The Real Clown In The Chad Johnson Case


Chad Johnson has done a lot wrong – both on and off the field.

But Johnson, the former standout NFL wide receiver, did nothing wrong in a Fort Lauderdale, Florida courtroom on Monday.

What happened to Johnson, 35, was nothing