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Jalen Rose Believes Kevin Love’s Olympic Team Nod Is About White Tokenism

The buildup to Tokyo 2021 has seen many NBA superstars commit to the National Team program. Kevin Durant and Damian Lillard are two superstars...

EXCLUSIVE NBA Play-In Talk: Zoom Roundtable with Jalen Rose and Kendrick Perkins

NBA Play-In Tourney and Playoffs roundtable took place on ZOOM, and ESPN’s own Jalen Rose and Kendrick Perkins answered numerous questions and gave their...

Jalen Rose: “NCAA’s Financial Dominance Over Its Athletes Is Steady Crumbling” 

The NCAA’s Board of Governors ruled that it supports a proposal that allows college athletes to sign endorsement contracts and receive payments for other...

Jalen Rose Suggests Players Boycott NCAA Tournament


College basketballs latest version of the historically common and ongoing pay-for-play and agent scandals, and the debates about NCAA exploitation and whether or not college athletes should be paid beyond scholarships, has created a whirlwind of em

Jalen Rose Throws Shade At DJ Calvin Harris


But I know who DJ Scratch is, Rose said on Wednesdays episode of Jalen & Jacoby on ESPN. When his co-host mentioned that Calvin Harris was the highest paid DJ on the planet last year for the fifth-year in a row, grossing $48.5 million, Rose dre

Jalen Rose: “Stop Comparing LeBron James to Michael Jordan Until He Passes Magic.”


Jalen Rose works for ESPN, but hes totally befuddled by the media giants infatuation with comparing LeBron James legacy to Michael Jordan's. Rose, a 16-year NBA veteran who will soon be inducted into Michigan Sports Hall of Fame, has played against

Jalen Rose Discusses Hostilities With Chris Webber


It's been over 20 years since Chris Webber's timeout call became the final lasting image of his illustrious Michigan basketball career. However, the more painful memory for Michigan basketball fans were the NCAA violations committed by Webb

Jalen Rose Addresses Twitter Beef With Shaq


A little Twitter beef can be fun, at times, and the exchanges between Shaq and Jalen Rose are just that. Rose has been known as one of the better trash talkers in NBA history, and Shaq has always been known to be full of character, so it's ea

Prolific Prep Director Jeremy Russotti Fueled Jalen Green’s Rise To No.1

As the college basketball landscape continues to change and 5-star recruits begin skipping college to play in the NBA’s G League Pathway Program potentially...

Black QB Chronicles: Jordan Love & Jalen Hurts Mark New Era of Acceptance

In December we wrote an article entitled, The Post Racial NFL: 'The Black Quarterback Is Dead.' Before 2019, which will forever be known as “The...