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Jay-Z & Jeff Bezos Buying The Denver Broncos? | Conflicting Reports

Jay-Z said he was “past kneeling” as he sat at the table with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Those words effectively announced that the NFL...

Jay-Z MUST Publicly Address The Lack of Black Head Coaches In NFL

"We’re celebrating the 100th anniversary of the NFL, yet we have only four head coaches of color" Rod Graves, who spent decades as an NFL...

Diddy Defends Jay-Z’s NFL Partnership, While Supporting Kaepernick

The conversation over Jay-Z and the NFL’s controversial partnership continues to be the hot button topic of the month. We’ve heard opinions from both sides....

After Kenny Stills Criticized Hov’s NFL Deal, His Coach Played Jay-Z’s Catalog In The...

By now, everyone is aware of the partnership between Jay-Z and the NFL, and the action of taking sides as a result. Some have sided...

Freddie Gibbs Says F*ck Colin Kaepernick, Supports Jay-Z On NFL Partnership

Last week, rapper and business mogul Jay-Z and the NFL announced a partnership that would focus on the league’s entertainment performances and social justice...

Black Media Divided Over Jay-Z’s Kaepernick-less NFL Partnership

The unofficial blackballing from the NFL of Colin Kaepernick is well documented. The former 49ers' QB, hasn't stepped foot on an NFL gridiron for...

More Details On Jay-Z, Roc Nation Partnership With The NFL Emerge

Tuesday, it was announced that Jay Z along with his Roc Nation empire would be partnering up the NFL. More details have been released...

If The NFLPA Has Its Way, Jay-Z Gon’ Learn Today


Jay-Z is doing some serious irking in 2013. In April, he survived Senator Marco Rubio calling for investigations into his trip to Cuba and in the process made a

Jay-Z’s New NFL Agent May Nullify CAA – Roc Nation Sports Partnership


To impede Jay-Z’s progress into the sports representation, the NFLPA passed new regulations this month that requires all agents for NFL players to possess a college degree

NFLPA Is Attempting To Place An Embargo On Jay-Z’s Roc Nation Sports


They couldn't keep him of Havana, but the NFL is sure as hell trying to keep Jay-Z out of its league. While Jay's Roc Nation Sports agency continues making inroads into nearly every major professional league imaginable, 123...28Page 1 of 28