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Robert Downey Jr’s Ready For Ironheart’s MCU Debut

Stark's genius comic book protege gets a real-life co-sign. When it comes to Robert Downey Jr, the level of cool he exuded before and prior...

Black Culture Was A Super Power In Zack Snyder’s Justice League

The part of Warner Bros. Pictures that deals with the DC Comics movies has a problem with Black audiences that need to be addressed.

Comic Book Convo: Bounce! Creator Chuck Collins on Diversity & Legacy


Two years ago, I ran into Chuck Collins at a Comic Con.  His freshly-minted copies of the Bounce! Comic anthology were dwindling before my very eyes as passerbys gobbled up copy after copy.  This year I ran into him again at New York Comi

TSL Comic Book Convo: Invincible Iron Man #1


As has been mentioned multiple times in TSL Comic Book Convo, Riri Williams is now Iron Man and Invincible Iron Man #1 picks up with Riri aka Iron Heart fighting her first superpowered villain.

First off, the writi