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The Shadow League Top 10 NBA ’20 Draft Prospects

The virtual NBA Draft will take place on November 18th. It seems as if Melo Ball has risen to the top of the Draft...

Mad at DeAndre Jordan? You Shouldn’t be


Heading into this summers NBA free agency market, we knew that we were venturing into unchartered waters. The robust influx of television revenue will expand the NBA economy over the next two years in ways that have never been seen before. With

First Round Draw of Spurs Proves Los Angeles Clippers Cursed


What is it about the Los Angeles Clippers? After being unfortunate enough to be named the worst professional sports team in America back in the day, to revelations of a in-house scandal with former owner Donald Sterling, and now th

From Humble Beginnings: The Journey Of Penn Coach Jerome Allen – Part IV


This is Part IV of the Jerome Allen Story and the finale of our series entitled, "Ivy League Hoops: Ahead of the Curve in Coaching Diversity."

HEADLINE NEWS: JR Smith Says He’s Done Talking To The Knicks


JR Smith says he's done communicating about his benching with the Knicks and says the shoelace incidents are silly catalys

In Defense Of Dwight Howard


Was Dwight Howard signing with the Houston Rockets supposed to be a surprise? Sunsets have had more suspense. The totality of circumstances pointed to Houston all along. The T-M

2013 NBA Draft Preview: Is Ben McLemore Really A Future All-Star?


The upcoming NBA draft is reminiscent of the class of 2000, led by Kenyon Martin with the No. 1 pick and highlighted by the careers of Mike Miller, Michael R

Forbes Magazine Names Carmelo Anthony NBA’s Most Overpaid Player/Human Punching Bag


Despite being the league's second-leading scorer, Carmelo Anthony has been a human punching bag for New York fans and media. Forbes piled on by releasing a

The DeMarcus Cousins Conundrum


Joe Kleine. Harold Pressley. Kenny Smith. Ricky Berry. Pervis Ellison.

Lionel “L-Train” Simmons.Travis Mays. Duane Causwell. Anthony Bonner.

Billy Owen

Dwyane Wade Divorces Jordan Brand



The chatter started months before in the summer. It was a shocking, exciting concept to consider. Would Miami Heat superstar

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