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Deshaun Watson Wants Out Of Houston: Texans Must Blame Themselves

The Houston Texans drafted Derrick “Deshaun” Watson with the 12th pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. Watson was the third quarterback drafted overall after...

Black QB Chronicles: Dak Goes Down, Deshaun Watson & Kyler Murray Turn Up

Kyler Murray was back to his productive self throwing for a league and career-high 380 yards in a 30-10 win over the hapless New...

Texas HS Official Sorry For Racist Deshaun Watson Facebook Slander


The Black QB stereotype just will not die, and that's because there comes kneejerk bigotry is hardwired into certain segments of America.
On Monday, Onalaska Inde

DeShaun Watson, Houston Texans, Prison Inmates And More


DeShaun Watson is ready for the remix of a redemption song that only lasted seven record-setting NFL games due to injury. Watson brought an

Texans Rookie Deshaun Watson Reportedly Tears ACL In Practice


Houston Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson, who has gotten of to a tremendous rookie season after leading Clemson to last year's national championship, reportedly suffered a torn ACL in practice today.  Sadly, his remarkable and memorable rooki

Russell Wilson Out-Duels DeShaun Watson In 41-38 Seahawks Win


In a strong contender for NFL Game of the Year,  Russell Wilson threw for 452 yards and four TDs as the Seattle Seahawks defeated the Houston Texans 41-38 on Sunday. 

Wilsons opposing rookie QB  DeShaun Watson wasnt shabby hims

Texans Rookie Deshaun Watson Makes NFL History


All things start and end with the quarterback in the NFL and after Sundays wild ride, the apple cart has been upset, superstars are falling and some new jacks are establishing themselves as the real deal. 

Deshaun Watson Gets The Job Done


Deshaun Watson didnt put on an aerial display. He didnt even throw a TD in his first profession

Deshaun Watson Is Making The Houston Texans Look Like Geniuses


The NFL Draft's slap in the face doesnt sting as much anymore, but it has driven Deshaun Watson in his first training camp with the Houston Texans. 

DeShaun Watson’s Draft Snub Is A Blessing 


The drafting of Notre Dame QB DeShone Kizer is very telling. As a huge Fighting Irish fan, I watched every one of Kizers games and the only thing I saw in his brief time at the university is the same thing the Browns drafted him on -- potential.