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Bud Selig Missed Chance At Historic Legacy


Major League Baseball Commissioner Bud Selig will retire in early 2015.

Selig has served as official commissioner since 1998. In that time, so much has gone on with the National Pastime.

Some bad, but mostly good.

In fact, b

Bud Selig Stepping Down As MLB Commish in 2014


MLB commissioner Bud Selig announced he will retire when his contract expires on Jan. 25, 2015, leaving a position he held since 199

Bud Selig Has Bad News For Nelson Cruz


MLB finally dropped its first Biogenesis-related domino of the day when Texas Rangers outfielder Nelson Cruz accepted the 50 game suspension Bud Selig dropped on his doorstep.

Accepting the suspension instead of taking the contentious

Bud Selig May Whisk A-Rod Away Until 2015


The nail in Alex Rodriguez's coffin is already in place and if the New York Post's report is correct, Bud Selig and Major League Baseball may be ready to drop the hammer on the names linked to Biogenesis scandal this week. A-Rod ma

MLB Is Striking Out When It Comes To Managerial Diversity


Back in 1999, then-Major League Baseball commissioner Bud Selig hit baseball with a brush back pitch.

Selig issued a mandate, nicknamed the "Selig Rule," &n

We’ve Been Looking For A-Rod, Instead A-Rod Found Himself


Since being suspended for the entire 2014 season, Alex Rodriguez has been unusually reticent. It’s a stark departure from the stark, raving mad third baseman that was doing the media car wash raking MLB and Commissioner Bud Selig through the

Arbitrator Bans A-Rod For 2014 Season


When an arbitrator between MLB and Alex Rodriguez's legal team ruled that MLB's initial suspension of 211 games was too extreme, reducing the term to 162 games, including the playoffs, Bud Selig was able to close out his legacy exactly as h

How Low Can Alex Rodriguez Go?


Though Alex Rodriguez was handed a monster ban by MLB commissioner Bud Selig, Rodriguez, unlike any other players caught up in the Biogenesis scandal, chose to appeal his suspension and played for the rest of the year, mostly to loud booing or comp

MLB Hits A Homer With Wild Card Expansion


Commissioner Bud Selig has botched a lot of things in Major League Baseball during his tenure.

But, you must admit, Selig has hit a home run on some other things, especially adding the Wild Card to the postseason.

Many baseball puri

Alex Rodriguez’s Attorney Declares War On The Yankees


Keep your friends close and your enemies closer. For weeks A-Rod has beaten around the bush in regards to his defense against Bud Selig and the Yankees. However, A-Rod's new lawyer, Joseph Tacopina, is now using the Yankees front officce f