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Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg says Black Lives Matter and Commits to Ending Systemic Racism

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has weighed in on the Breonna Taylor indictment, which let three Louisville police officers off the hook for...

New England Patriots Kicker Will Cover Up Right-Wing Militia Tattoo

A kicker drafted in the fifth round by the New England Patriots sports an arm tattoo related to a right-wing militia. The symbol shows...

Black NASCAR star Bubba Wallace responds To Kyle Larson Using N-Word

Darryl "Bubba" Wallace is probably the most successful and impactful African-American driver in NASCAR history and he's been a pioneer and blessing in further...
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Don’t Be Surprised When The Servicemen Who Were Flashing White Power Signs Go Unpunished

The pageantry and patriotism that embodies that annual Army/Navy game has been hijacked. And there’s no telling when the purity of the rivalry will...

Centennial Olympic Park Bombing: A Warning Shot From The Alt-Right We Never Knew

Although "omitted", there's a reason why Eric Rudolph committed terrorist acts in the Black southern cities of Atlanta and Birmingham. It's easy to get caught...

Nia Wilson: Race, Murder And The Faux Ambiguity Of Mainstream Media


As a journalist with over two decades in the game, there have been hundreds of stories that I have written that I didn't really want to write.   

At the start of my career in the late '90s, back when Diddy was wildin' with J-Lo and

Decisions At ABC Show How Media Aids Marginalization Of Minorities


Though Americans are not the inventors of mass communication, the country has certainly been more influential in propagating the use and growth of all modern mediums of mass communications than any other society in history, either directly or inadv

Nebraska Men’s Hoops Shows Unity With Students To Expel Violent Racist


Members of the Nebraska men's basketball team, joined by coach Tim Miles, united to protest white nationalist Daniel Kleve, who

Racist Tweets Against Darrell “Bubba” Wallace Jr. Stains NASCAR


Just when you thought they were moving into the 21st century, the NASCAR community takes two steps forward and three steps backwards. In October,

White Supremacy Is America’s True Terrorism Nightmare And Biggest Threat


The times are unfolding before our very eyes. America has long been the media capital of the world. Ever since the invention of Morse code by Samuel Morse in 1835, the ability to transmit ideas over great distances has shaped the nation. Today, the