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50 Cents’ Last Album Made Him $8 million In Bitcoin


Despite constant reports and media projections of young, black rap artists as thugs and miscreants prone to criminal a

Kobe Bryant’s Smart Investments Pay Off | Estate To Reportedly Receive $400 Million From...

The late Kobe Bryant's clairvoyance in business pays solid dividends for his family and legacy as beverage BodyArmor sold to Coca-Cola. The sale was announced...

What NBA Fans Really Need To Know About “The Commissioner” Steve Stoute

Steve Stoute is an iconic name in entertainment. The Queens, NY native was an integral part of the executive brain trust that fueled rap...

The Black Sports Agent: Todd Ramasar


With the NFL Draft approaching on April 26th, and the NBA Draft soon to follow on June 21st, a select few elite college athletes will have their professional sports dreams come true. Most of them will be African-American, and some of them will

The Hitman of Boxing Horticulture Is Terence Crawford 


There’s more than football and cornfields in Nebraska. In fact the state has produced an array of products and people that have helped shape American lifestyles on so many levels. Kool-Aid, the Vice Grip, the Hal

The Misconception of Curtis Jackson


Flashback 2003

I never wanted to be around 50 Cent. Never wanted to be anywhere in the vicinity of someone so hated and utterly loathed that hits were out

Forbes Crowns Hip Hop’s Wealthiest


Forbes put out it's annual list of billionaires and also calculated hip hop's wealthiest. The list

Are We About To See A G-Unit Reunion?


G-Unit was slightly ahead of it's time. Hip hop is returning to a place of collaboration -- exemplified by the Odd Future, Pro Era, Slaughterhouse and GOOD Music albums and tapes. Unfortunately, the Unit didn't quite make it to the full t

R.I.P. Chris Lighty


Chris Lighty was "That Dude." If there was a music business counterpart to sports' Worldwide Wes,