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‘No Cap!’| These 5 NFL Players Have To Show & Prove In Week 3

The 2021 season is underway, and all the players on this list so far haven’t quite earned the unwavering trust of football fans. These...

PAC Donations Show The Glaring Political Divide Between NFL Players & The League

No matter how much progress it appears the NFL is making in areas of social justice and no matter how much money it throws...

Tom Brady, NFL Players Coalition Demand DOJ Investigation Into Ahmaud Arbery Murder

According to USA Today, a group of distinguished current and former athletes and coaches are calling for the FBI and Department of Justice to...

Madden 20 Ratings Have NFL Players And Fans All Up In Their Feelings

Madden is an institution. A cultural movement that has led to titles being crowned and controllers being broken over "cheats". First released for the Commodore...

3 Ways NFL Players Can Reenergize Their Protest Movement


The NFL regular season hasnt even started and already the President has lashed out against player protests and put puppet master

Odell Beckham Wants NFL Players To Be Paid Like Their NBA Counterparts


OBJ wants that DOE. And not just for himself. The New York Giants flamboyant star receiver expounded on the statement he made earlier in the week about wanting to be the NFLs highest-paid player. 

Trump: NFL Players Protesting Racial Injustice Don’t Have A Real Issue


President Donald Trump hasnt stopped in his efforts to demonize NFL

Former NFL Players Greg Hardy, Austen Lane To Fight For UFC Contract


The cross-section between other pro athletes and mixed martial arts keeps expanding as former Carolina Panthers and

Former NFL Players Are Facing Consequences For Telling Their Truths


Consequences exist throughout life and children learn very early that decisions dont always lead to favorable outcomes. Fair or not, every time individuals gather enough strength to address a government or corporate entity for grievances, whatever

An Open Letter To All Black NFL Players


To: All Black NFL Players

From: Rob Parker

Re: Jerry Jones Edict

Dont get punked.

Dont be pushed around.

Dont let the big bad owners scare you.

Think about all the things you have ove