50 Cent Believes Floyd Mayweather Ducked Manny Pacquiao

From ESPN First Take to Numbers Never Lie, Jimmy Kimmel and the Daytona 500, 50 Cent is everywhere this week promoting his new album, Street King Immortal. However, I have yet to hear a single sample off his next track. Truth be told, was anybody besides Lloyd and Floyd (Banks and Mayweather) even aware he was still recording?

Anyways, the PR g-g-genius has ginned up more controversy by claiming that he and Mayweather are still friends but that the greatest defensive fighter of our generation has been ducking Pacquiao. However, it's not for the reason you'd think.

"That's $100 million and he just left it. For two reasons, he concentrates on how much someone else is getting paid opposed to how much he is actually getting paid," says 50. "He kind of sees himself in a space that nobody else sees him in. He's so higher on top of it that he shouldn't actually give the some of the other great fighters to be in the position at this point. It is true, he can fight a cab driver and we'd be tuned in to see it."

"He's not afraid of [Manny] or any fighter," Jackson added. "I just think its more of him saying, 'who do I have to fight?,'" says 50. "At this point its moreso of him finding who is the perfect opponent then him finding the toughest fighter to fight. I think when you go in the history books, you are doing it a big differently. This is more business and making the right financial decisions. How do you stretch out how many wins on your actual record?" —HipHop Wired

Peep the whole segment in the above video.


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