NFL 2020 Story Lines: These Quarterbacks Seek The Blood, Sweat, Guts and More Glory

If the NFL and the players reach an agreement on safety protocols by July 28, then training camps are expected to resume that day. When we do get underway, there are many moving parts from last season that fans will be following. New quarterbacks in new places, veterans switching allegiances in hopes of proving they still have the magic and great players trying to prove that they deserve to be paid like one.

Cam Newton Brings His Show To New England

There’s never been a more motivated player than Cam Newton. When he was released by the Carolina Panthers and left in limbo by NFL teams hesitant to sign the former MVP, he was hurting. You saw it in the videos he posted and in the intensity of his workouts. 

“They gave up on me”

That’s the classic quote that will forever be part of NFL lore, especially if Cam actually has success with Bill Belichick and New England. Years from now, people will reflect back on that quote and the pain in his eyes as the launching pad for Cam’s re-emergence. 

Kurt Warner had one, after being replaced by rookie Eli Manning six games into the season. He went to Arizona and returned to a Super Bowl. The difference here is, Cam’s filling the biggest shoes in the game and joining a culture that is spoiled rotten with winning and Super Bowl appearances. Tom Brady had nine of them in his career, winning six. 

His margin of error is almost non-existent, despite the fact that Patriots fans know they have a weaker all-around team than usual. 

Everyone in the league is thirsting to see how Newton performs in Josh McDaniel’s offense. And what he wears to the press conferences.

Cam has already proclaimed that he gives the Patriots options in the offensive scheme that they’ve never had. However, as ridiculous as this sounds, first Cam has to beat out Jared Stidham for the starting job. There are still reports that Cam is not a lock to start, but I declare those rumors to be journalism designed to incite emotion and keep the interest. 

This entire season is personal for Cam and we will probably see the best version of Cam Newton since his Super Bowl season. 

Can Tom Brady Elevate The Bucs Franchise? 

Tom Brady gets a chance to prove that it wasn’t just the genius of Bill Belichick and two decades in the same Patriots system that elevated Brady to immortality. At the age of 42, Brady will take over in Tampa Bay and try to elevate a franchise that has been treading water to Super Bowl heights. 

There are still lots of questions about this move. Media and Brady fans have celebrated it, but the Bucs and Pats are two completely different franchises and Brady better pray that Tampa’s front office is as adept as New England’s at maximizing talent and picking personnel. At least he has his old pass-and-catch partner future Hall of Fame tight need Rob Gronkowski. 

It might take Brady a few games to get in sync with his team and coaches, but his leadership will be there from the beginning. Just very curious to see how everything comes together in Tampa.  

Dak Needs A Super Bowl Trip

 Most analysts and NFL fans feel like Dallas did Dak dirty. If only we all were so lucky to be disrespected by an exclusive franchise tag that will pay you  $31.409M. 

Prescott wanted security and huge long-term stability. Dallas and The Jones Family said we want to see that next level before we commit long term. 

It has definitely created a rift between the organization and Dak, who will be strongly considering other offers when his free agency hits if a deal doesn’t get done prior. 

In the meantime, Dak has some serious mental challenges to go through this season with an understanding that his future in the NFL is largely riding on his success in 2020. 

Word is, they are just as high on Jalen Hurts as they were on Dak coming out of college.

Dallas has made it clear that they don’t believe Dak is the long-term answer. That has to hurt his ego, but Dallas fans hope it motivates him to finally get a team loaded with talent back to the Super Bowl for the first time in almost 25 years.

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