15 Years After The Passing Of Big Pun, Producer Domingo Padilla Shares His Memories Of The Bronx’s Own Christopher Rios

    Fifteen years ago today (February 7, 2000), Christopher Rios tragically died from a heart attack, leaving behind his family, friends, and millions of fans. At the time, the Bronx, New York MC known as Big Pun had only released a lone album, 1998s Capital Punishment, but with that body of work, and five years of gigantic guest appearances, he left an everlasting impression on the face and sound of Hip-Hop. At a time when skills were constantly being pushed aside for flare, Big Pun proved those things to not be mutually exclusive, upholding the culture he held so dearly.

    One of the men who maintained a great friendship with Pun was East New York Brooklyn producer/DJ, Domingo Padilla. This pair shared that deep love of Hip-Hop, the traditions, and the sounds associated with the age-old standards of dope. Having met in some hallowed grounds back in the early 1990s, Domingo was high on Puns depth chart in making his debut album. The producer, who would later work with Eminem, KRS-One, Kool G Rap and a host of hit television shows was newly making a name for himself. His sounds, his nature in the studio, and his charismatic way aligned with Pun. The limited discography is hardly a reflection of the relationship, as you will learn in this rare conversation our friends at Ambrosia For Heads had with Domingo.

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